The Only Way


How do we ensure our clients receive a high standard quality product each time?

There's only one way: By designing, engineering, manufacturing, shipping ourselves from our US based facility. We are not willing to compromise our client's experience by cutting corners. That is why EVERY step of our process takes place at our US base facility in sunny South Florida! This allows us to maximize our people, materials, costs, quality and ingenuity, and develop the best possible product for our clients.

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American Made

We believe that the USA has the best quality to offer for manufacturing to the American people and the world. Our goal is to empower our people and resources to produce the best possible products for you.


Power of Human Energy

Hard work. Dedication. Passion. Those are the best words to describe our team at Synergy Custom Fitness. Through their efforts, we are constantly innovating and improving; they are the fuel that moves us forward each day.


Maximizing Resources

We strive to maximize each of our resources available: our team, materials, processes, innovation, and cost. This is what allows us to offer you the best quality products at quality prices.